The Artist

Known colloquially as "Sai", Sarah Rebecca has been illustrating and storytelling for nearly 20 years. The majority of her work focuses on vibrant colors, swirls, animals, and fantasy elements, often incorporating space and stars. She draws much of her artistic inspiration from music and mythology, filling each piece with hidden meanings and stories while endeavoring to bring her unique view of the world into every project she creates.  

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The Designer

Sarah Rebecca is also a freelance graphic designer and game developer with over 4 years of game prototyping and development experience. She has a B.A. in Media Creation and Production with a focus on brand design and communication, and her 10-year experience as a regular trade show vendor has made her a well-known presence in the convention-based game and art buyer markets in Arizona. 

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  • Our Mission

    We hope to achieve this through original card and dice games that encourage cooperation along with competitiveness. All games are based in a story rich original lore that can be explored beyond the games in original artbooks and game characters are also sold as accessories that include (but are not limited to): Prints, metal trading cards, stickers, acrylic standees, and playmats.

  • Our Vision

    Our current business model depends on in-person sales at events and conventions, supplemented by online store sales. The in-person events allow for a more immediate connection to our audience,  providing unique opportunities for customers and creatives to converse with the artist.